Lunch" menu

Starter | Main Course | Dessert


Starter | Main Course or Main Course| Dessert



The Chicken Egg” Supp. Truffle +15 € (vegetarian)
soft-boiled, spinach coulis, crosnes with hazelnut butter and comté cheese emulsion.

White asparagus from the Landes (vegan)
roasted in coffee oil, chickpea mousse,
angelica seed powder and grated hazelnuts.


“La Seiche” Supp. Caviar + 15€ (vegan possible).
broccoli and lentils as a lemon balm tabbouleh,
sweet garlic emulsion with cima de rapa


Yellow Poultry Farm” Supp. Morels +15
from Stéphane Tauzier in the Landes<
Saffron mushroom ravioli, arugula pesto and hearty jus.


“Le Fromage Travaillé

Assortment of 3 cheeses” from the Maison Jaurel


“Le Cédrat”
vaporous vacherin flavored with thyme, Kalamata olive, light cream with lavender honey.

La Pomme des reinettes”
, candied apple, cider sorbet, light vanilla cream from Madagascar.

“Le Café”
from the fruit to the roast.

Signature" menu

Tasting of the Chef's signature dishes

Canapés / Appetizers / Appetizers / Fish or meat / Dessert

80 €

Let yourself be surprised and transported into the world of the chef through his signature dishes. Starter, main course and dessert, each of his creations tells a life story, a memory, a scent, a color…

Tasting menus

And to whet your curiosity, the chef suggests you discover other tasty stories through two surprise menus. Discover a lively, audacious and ultra-personal cuisine.

Fable" menu in 8 steps

120 €

Epic" menu in 10 steps

160 €

Vegetarian "Pathways" menu in 8 steps

110 €

Food & Beverage Pairing " Fable

80 €

Epic Food & Beverage Pairing

110 €

Customized" agreements

Price according to selection

Prestige Agreement

200 €

Top of the range selection of the Sommelier

All prices are in Euros -Service included-.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous, consume in moderation

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